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A friend once said 

I love Italian food because is honest. The recipes contain a few ingredients, so only ingredients of very good quality can give you a delicious dish.

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Chestnut pie

  • 250 g chestnut flour

  • 2 dL milk

  • 2 dL water

  • 1 dL extra virgin olive oil

  • 25 g raisins

  • 15 g pine nuts

  • 1 spoon of ground rosemary

  • 1 spoon of sugar

  • a pinch of fine salt

Place the raisins in a bowl with water and leave them for around 15 min. After that, pour the water out and place the raisins on top of a clean kitchen cloth.

Mix the water together with the milk and 3/4 of the extra virgin olive oil. Pour the chestnut flour into a bowl, add the pinch of fine salt, the sugar and mix. Slowly, pour the liquid mixture of water, milk and extra virgin olive oil on the flour while mixing with a whisk to avoid the formation of clumps. At this point add the raisins, the pine nuts and the rosemary and give it a last mix. Pour the batter in a springform pan (18 cm diameter) where you placed baking paper.

As a decoration, place a few raisins and pine nuts on the surface and sprinkle with a bit of ground rosemary. Pour the remaining 1/4 of the extra virgin olive oil on the surface and bake for 45-60 min at 180 °C without ventilation. Check regularly after 45 min, your chestnut pie is ready when you see a thin crust on the surface.

Let it cool down and enjoy... even with a glass of red sparkling sweet wine!

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