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Cooking biodiversity

Cooking biodiversity

Discover plant and animal diversity also when it comes to preparing food

and help increasing the resilience towards climate change.


This basket contains:

  • Semola rimacinata di grano duro Senatore Cappelli * (twice milled semolina of durum wheat Senatore Cappelli)
  • Semola rimacinata di grano duro Saragolla * (twice milled semolina of durum wheat Saragolla)

  • Semola rimacinata integrale di grano duro Timilìa * (twice milled whole semolina of durum wheat Timilìa)

  • Passata di datterino * (tomato sauce from Datterino)

  • Farina di castagne (chestnut flour)

  • Funghi secchi misti di bosco (mix of dry forest mushrooms)

  • Orecchiette al Primitivo di grano duro Senatore Cappelli (pasta Orecchiette from durum wheat Senatore Cappelli with wine Primitivo)

  • Miele di ciliegio (cherry honey)

  • Succo di mirtilli neri selvatici * (juice of wild mountain blueberries)

  • Vino rosso frizzante amabile Magia Nera * (red sparkling sweet wine Magia Nera)


* The product is certified organic


In this basket we combine specialities from Puglia and Emilia, inviting you to spend time crafting traditional Italian dishes, including some with unusual flavours.

The three kinds of semolina from old durum wheat varieties and the tomato sauce come from Azienda Agricola Dragonara in Torremaggiore, a town in the plain of Tavoliere delle Puglie. Here, Michelangelo and his wife Marianna decided a few years ago that it was time to accept a new challenge, so their passion for farming became their job. They grow everything according to organic agriculture practices and they also managed to revive old plant varieties, which are well adapted to local conditions and bring biodiversity in the environment and on our table. We propose three old durum wheat varieties because each of them is best adapted to different agricultural conditions (e.g. type of soil) and is characterised by a different taste. The variety Saragolla has a strong flavour, followed by Senatore Cappelli, while the variety Timilìa has a mild taste.

The chestnut flour is crafted by Azienda Agricola Borgo Antico Pra’ della Serra in collaboration with Ennio1950 in the village of Casine di Sestola, between the hills and the mountains in Emilia, using only the chestnuts of trees from local woods. 

The dry forest mushrooms and the juice of wild mountain blueberries come from Sotto Bosco, a small firm with the workshop in Pavullo, a town at the foot of the Alto Appennino Modenese. This mountain area has a long tradition of dishes based on the fruits of the undergrowth. Here, Primo and his colleagues use their experience and methods to select and dry the best mushrooms from European forests, creating this rustic and well-balanced mix that will bring scents and flavours of nature into you kitchen. The juice, sour and sweet, is made only from local wild mountain blueberries without any added sugar.

The pasta Orecchiette is crafted by Pastificio Cupertino, a workshop in Putignano where Pietro and his collaborators use their experience to make this unique pasta, made from an old durum wheat variety and characterised by an intense taste thanks to the skilful addition of the local red wine.

In Alberobello, the bees of Giuseppe Masciulli produce Miele dei Trulli, a honey from the typical mediterranean scrub and crops; the one we propose in this basket is fruity and aromatic and is well suited to be used in recipes.

Finally, La Piana Winery on the hills of Castelvetro is making the wine. Here, Mirco and Martina have been among the first ones to accept the challenge: making all their wines according to organic agriculture practices. And that is just the way to achieve their aim - making a high-quality wine. For this reason, with the help of a few colleagues, Mirco and Martina combine tradition with innovation, attention with passion. The wine we propose here is sweet and fruity, produced from the local grape variety Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro.

  • Tips & Ideas to enjoy the products

    This is the right combination of products if you love cooking and experimenting with food. We start by suggesting two recipes!

    Pizza ai grani antichi. Follow this recipe (suggested in the section Recipes) to make Pizza with twice milled semolina from old wheat varieties. Discover how the dough behaves differently during the preparation and what are the special flavours and texture when you finally get to enjoy your Pizza!

    Tagliatelle di grano duro e castagne con sugo di funghi. Pasta Tagliatelle made with twice milled semolina from durum wheat in combination with chestnut flour, served with a mushroom sauce. A very old recipe (suggested in the section Recipes) from the time when chestnuts, on the hills and in the mountains, were more available than wheat, so people made chestnut flour and used it to prepare bread, pasta and even pies.

    Test your cooking skills by finding the right sauce for Orecchiette al Primitivo! This pasta is red because it contains wine... what could be the right sauce to enhance its flavours? Remember to taste the pasta and regulate the cooking time accordingly! The cooking time on pasta packages is just an indication, especially for handcrafted pasta. Italians sieve pasta after tasting and feeling that it has the right texture, the so called scolare a sentimento.

    The juice of wild mountain blueberries can be enjoyed as it is or diluted with water, especially when you need something refreshing. If you want to experiment with it, use it to prepare some sweet and sour dishes.

    The red sparkling sweet wine combines perfectly with pies, cakes and cookies, including Castagnaccio, the pie made with chestnut flour. Place the wine in the fridge for some hours and take it out 30 min before drinking it - it is best enjoyed fresh!

  • Packaging

    The single products are packed as shown in the first picture. The basket is not included.

  • How to store the products

    You can store the three kinds of twice milled semolina for around six months at room temperature, away from direct light; once you open a package, we suggest to use it within some weeks. The chestnut flour lasts for around a year, just keep it away from direct light and once you open the package you can consume it within several weeks. The tomato sauce can be stored at room temperature for around two years; once opened, you can keep it in the fridge and consume it within few days. The dry forest mushrooms last at least one year at room temperature, also after opening the bag. You can store the pasta for around two years at room temperature, but once you open the package we suggest to finish it within some weeks. The honey can be stored for one and a half year at room temperature, also after opening the jar; it changes texture according to the temperature, making crystals when the temperature is low: do not worry, it is still good to be eaten! The blueberry juice can be stored for at least three years at room temperature and once opened keep it in the fridge and consume it within some days. Store the wine in a cool place away from direct light.

  • Product ingredients

    Semola rimacinata di grano duro Senatore Cappelli: twice milled semolina of durum wheat Senatore Cappelli.

    Semola rimacinata di grano duro Saragolla: twice milled semolina of durum wheat Saragolla.

    Semola rimacinata integrale di grano duro Timilìa: twice milled whole semolina of durum wheat Timilìa.

    Passata di datterino: puree from tomatoes Datterino, salt.

    Farina di castagne: chestnut flour.

    Funghi secchi misti di bosco: Craterellus cornucopioides, Boletus edulis and mushrooms of the same group, Cantharellus cibarius, Cantharellus lutescens.

    Orecchiette al Primitivo di grano duro Senatore Cappelli: semolina of durum wheat Senatore Cappelli, wine Primitivo (20%), water.

    Miele di ciliegio: cherry honey.

    Succo di mirtilli neri selvatici: juice from wild mountain blueberries.

    Vino rosso frizzante amabile Magia Nera: fermented grape Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro (Denomination of Protected Origin). Contains sulphites. 10% vol. alcohol.

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