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Intense flavours from the valley to the top

Intense flavours from the valley to the top

Discover the traditional products with intense flavour made in Trentino-Alto Adige, where people have found ways to farm from the bottom of the valleys to (almost) the top of the mountains.


This basket contains:

  • Farina gialla di Storo (maize flour from Storo)
  • Formaggio dell’Imperatore (matured blue cheese)

  • Filetto di maiale affumicato al ginepro (lean meat from pig smoked with juniper)

  • Marroni canditi alla Grappa di Gewürztraminer (candied chestnuts in Gewürztraminer grappa)

  • Vino bianco l’Ora (white wine l’Ora)


The maize flour is produced by Cooperativa Agricola Agri 90, a group of people carrying out different kinds of jobs, who are united by the passion of cultivating their piece of land. Around the village of Storo, the maize is harvested during the first hazes of October, dried by the mountain winds, cleaned and slowly milled. This flour will give to your Polenta a crafty and authentic touch.

The cheese is crafted by Caseificio Sociale Presanella, a cooperative that receive the milk produced by several smallholder farmers in Alta Val di Sole. In the mountains surrounding this valley you can find mainly brown cows. Their milk is transformed by the master cheese maker, the Casaro, into high-quality cheese adding only rennet and salt. The holes made in the cheese with special needles allows the formation of selected natural moulds which gives the cheese its unique and complex flavour.

The smoked meat comes from La Bottega del Pinelo, a workshop in Croviana, a small village in Val di Sole. Here the family Anselmi has crafted meat products for three generations. Nowadays, Franco combines the secrets and passion learned from his father together with new technologies, to achieve one goal: provide you with something delicious and genuine.

The chestnuts are delivered to us by Cooperativa Castanicoltori del Trentino-Alto Adige, a group of people that joined forces to grow chestnut trees and to commercialise their fruits. In this cooperative, Luigino and his colleagues use their experience to craft this speciality, where the syrup formed by the combination of candied chestnuts and grappa is simply memorable.

Finally, Azienda Agricola Pravis is making the wine. In this winery, located in the village of Lasino, Giulia and her family combine tradition with curiosity and innovation. Their aim is to make the wine as naturally as possible. The wine we propose here, dense and aromatic, is named after the breeze l’Ora, coming from Lago di Garda. It is crafted from the local grape variety Nosiola, through short drying on lattices and ageing in small acacia wood barrels.

  • Tips & Ideas to enjoy the products

    Polenta con formaggio, filetto e cappuccio. Enjoy the cheese, the meat and the white wine with Polenta, the typical maize porridge that you can make with the special flour from Storo following the recipe Polenta alla Dario (suggested in the section Recipes). Slice the meat as shown in the picture and remember to remove the rind from the cheese, but not the mould you find inside: it is meant to be there, you can eat it and it is part of the experience. Place the wine in the fridge for some hours and take it out 30 min before drinking it - it is best enjoyed fresh! Do not forget to add the typical cabbage salad from Trentino. You can make it easily following the recipe Cappuccio in insalata (suggested in the section Recipes). 

    Gelato con marroni canditi alla grappa. Enjoy the candied chestnuts on top a simple and good vanilla ice cream. If you would like to make your own ice cream, take a look at the recipe Gelato alla vaniglia (suggested in the section Recipes).

  • Packaging

    The single products are packed as shown in the first picture. The basket is not included.

  • How to store the products

    You can keep the maize flour at room temperature for several months. It is best to keep the cheese in the fridge wrapped in food paper and to consume it within a few weeks. The meat can be kept under vacuum in the fridge for three months and once opened it is best kept wrapped with food paper or a textile cloth and consumed within a few days. The candied chestnuts can be kept at room temperature up to seven years, but once you open the jar remember to place it in the fridge and consume the product within a few months. The wine comes in a transparent bottle, so it is important to store it in a dark and cool place.

  • Product ingredients

    Farina gialla di Storo: maize flour.

    Formaggio dell’Imperatore: thermally treated milk from cow, salt, rennet.

    Filetto di maiale affumicato al ginepro:  meat from pig (origin: EU), salt, spices, flavourings, dextrose, sucrose, sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate, sodium salt of ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

    Marroni canditi alla Grappa di Gewürztraminer: candied chestnuts, grappa from grape Gewürztraminer, sugar, glucose, natural extract of Bourbon vanilla.

    Vino bianco l’Ora: fermented grape Nosiola. Contains sulphites. 13,5% vol. alcohol.

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