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Italy is divided into 20 regions,
each of them having a different geography, history and culture.
Regional food is an expression of all this and,
at the same time, a good way to discover it.

Mission: About

At the moment we selected Food Ambassadors in Trentino-Alto Adige, Emilia-Romagna and Puglia. We are working to handpick representatives for other Italian regions.

Mission: About

The bridge between Italy and Denmark

When you order some food specialities, everyone participating in the short supply chain is dedicated to bring you the best in a relatively short time.

We work upon orders, which helps to minimise the use of energy and the food waste. As a proverb wisely state To make good things happen, time is needed. We promise to take the time that is needed, and no more.

Mission: About
Mission: About

You will receive the food specialities with tips & ideas and sometimes... surprises!

Mission: About

Motivation behind the challenge

We believe it's important to eat good and genuine food and share it with others. But also to know where it comes from and discover how it is produced and why.

When we decided to undertake the challenge, we understood that it was crucial to create a connection between people. Not a link between consumers and products, but a link between people working hard to create something, and people wanting to know more about what they eat and therefore support. And the connection had to be as direct as possible.

Because sharing experiences matters, helps us to evolve as society. And because knowing what we support may or may not matter today, but it matters tomorrow.

Mission: About
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