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Gourmet from Puglia

Gourmet from Puglia

Enjoy the gourmet and ready-to-eat products from Puglia.


This basket contains:

  • Datterini secchi in olio extra vergine di oliva * (dried tomatoes Datterino in extra virgin olive oil)
  • Olive nere di Peranzana in salamoia * (black olives Peranzana in brine)

  • Carciofini sott’olio (small artichokes in oil)

  • Taralli olive e capperi (salty biscuits with olives and capers)

  • Capocollo di Martina Franca affettato (cured and slightly smoked meat from pig - sliced)

  • Vino rosso IGP Verso Sud (red wine Verso Sud)


* The product is certified organic

IGP - Indicazione Geografica Protetta (PGI - Protected Geographical Indication)


The dried tomatoes and the black olives come from Azienda Agricola Dragonara in Torremaggiore, a town in the plain of Tavoliere delle Puglie. Here, Michelangelo and his wife Marianna decided a few years ago that it was time to accept a new challenge, so their passion for farming became their job. They grow everything according to organic agriculture practices and they also managed to revive old plant varieties, which are well adapted to local conditions and bring biodiversity in the environment and on our table.

The delicate and flavourful small artichokes are crafted following the local traditional recipe by Apulia - La finestra sul mare, a firm run by Antonella, her husband and her sister. From Monopoli, a town by the sea, they love to offer services that enable people to discover and enjoy the history, culture and flavours of Puglia. Thanks to them we discovered Panificio l’Assunta, the bakery in Monopoli that makes these unique and crispy Taralli, and I Pastini, the winemakers from Valle d’Itria that in Martina Franca make this soft and harmonious red wine from the local grape variety Susumaniello.

Finally, the cured meat is crafted by Salumificio Santoro in Cisternino. The town is located in the hilly area of Le Murge, facing Valle d'Itria, a valley with olive trees, vineyards and the typical ancient small round houses with a conical roof, Trulli. Here, Angela and her family combine tradition and innovation to make this speciality called Capocollo di Martina Franca. The meat from pigs is marinated in red wine, smoked with Macedonian oak wood and matured for at least 120 days in cellars with natural ventilation thanks to the sea winds. The local pigs are bred in semi-wild systems: during the day the pigs are free to graze between the woods of Mediterranean scrub and the fields, while in the night they return to the stables. They eat mainly maize, barley, bran, beans and acorns from Macedonian oak trees.

  • Tips & Ideas to enjoy the products

    Everything is ready to be enjoyed! At home, at the park or at the beach... we chose the right combination of specialities so you can easily carry them and enjoy a picnic experience wherever you prefer.

  • Packaging

    The single products are packed as shown in the first picture. The basket is not included.

  • How to store the products

    The dried tomatoes and the small artichokes in oil can be stored at room temperature for at least one year; once you open the jar, keep it in the fridge making sure that the tomatoes and the artichokes are completely covered by the oil (eventually add oil if necessary) and consume within some days. The olives in brine can be stored at room temperature for a couple of years; once you open the jar, keep it in the fridge making sure that the olives are completely covered by the brine and consume within some days. The salty biscuits last for a couple of months at room temperature, just remember to keep them in a plastic bag properly closed, so they keep being crispy. The cured and smoked meat can be stored in a cool place for several months; once you open the vacuum package, keep the meat in the fridge inside a plastic container and consume it within a few days. Store the wine in a cool place away from direct light.

  • Product ingredients

    Datterini secchi in olio extra vergine di oliva: tomatoes Datterino, extra virgin olive oil from olives Peranzana, fennel seeds, parsley, chilli, salt.

    Olive nere di Peranzana in salamoia: black olives Peranzana, water, salt.

    Carciofini sott’olio: small artichokes (61%), extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar (contains sulphites), mint, garlic, salt.

    Taralli olive e capperi: wheat flour type 0, wine, extra virgin olive oil, ground olives, ground capers, salt.

    Capocollo di Martina Franca affettato: meat from pig (origin: Italy), salt, pepper, wine, cooked grape must, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), potassium nitrate. Smoked with Macedonian oak wood. May contain traces of sulphites.

    Vino rosso IGP Verso Sud: fermented grape Susumaniello. Contains sulphites. 14% vol. alcohol.

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